“I Still Think Of Her… “— Netizens hypothesize that “Single’s Inferno” stars Seul Ki and Jin Young are rekindling their feelings for one another

That’s kinda sus…

Some people think Single’s Inferno’s Kim Jin Young and Nadine Lee are dating, but others think Jin Young is with Shin Seul Ki.

Jin Young had picked Seul Ki during the show’s final choice. Seul Ki went with Jong Woo instead, because Jong Woo‘s love for her had never changed.

But a year after the show ended, Seul Ki has been talking with Jin Young the most online. When Seul Ki recently wrote about her graduation performance, Jin Young said that she was “super cool.”

In fact, he has commented on most of her posts over and over again.

When Jin Young was a guest on comedian Jang Sung Kyu‘s show, that was another sign. Jin Young said that he still sometimes thinks about Seul Ki.

He said that she was one of the few people who had such a big effect on him. Jang Sung Kyu asked Jin Young if not being picked gave him a wake-up call or hurt him.

“To be honest, I think it would last longer than 8 months, or even until now. It’s rare to meet someone in everyday life who can change your life so much. It might seem like I think about it all the time, but I don’t.”Young Jin

Since the conversation was shown in June, Jin Young has been thinking about Seul Ki for a long time.

At the end of June, during Seul Ki‘s graduation show, he also gave her a bouquet of flowers. He was also the person in group shots who stood next to her.

The rest of the actors from Single’s Inferno were also at the show.

Seul Ki also picked this picture of Jin Young‘s bouquet as her cover photo for the carousel.

Fans also noticed that Jong Woo had taken down the pictures of him and Seul Ki from a photo booth from his profile and stopped following fan accounts for the couple.

Despite all the rumors, only time will tell!



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