NCT Dream’s Haechan and Chenle are getting criticized for making “fat-shaming” comments about Jeno’s body

“This isn’t a good thing to say, joke or not.”

In a recent behind-the-scenes video from NCT Dream‘s M COUNTDOWN show, members Haechan and Chenle made comments about fellow member Jeno‘s body that got a lot of attention and criticism.

Even though the words were meant to be funny, fans have taken them as putting down the person’s body.

The YouTube video clip shows Haechan making fun of Jeno‘s weight and telling him to “get in shape.”

Jeno responds to these comments by saying that if he drops any more weight, he’ll be left with “nothing but bones.”

Even though the comments seemed like a joke, they have sparked a larger conversation online about how the K-Pop business views body image.

Later in the video, when Mark and Chenle also talk about Jeno‘s body, the teasing keeps going. Mark tells Jeno, “Jeno, keep going to the gym,” and Jeno thanks him for his advice.

Then Chenle tells Jeno that he also likes to make fun of his body. The NCT Dream member says that he teases him because he thinks Jeno’s reaction is cute, and he adds that his comments are made out of love.

Mark: Keep going to the gym, Jeno.

Jeno: Alright, thanks. I’ve been lazy lately… He (Chenle) has been sighing every time he sees my body.

Chenle: “Well, I mean, he must be very happy with the way he looks. So, just to mess with him and have fun, I touched his arm and said “sigh.”

He made a big reaction. I thought it was cute, so I did it again and again. Also for comparison, when I touched Jaemin, I sounded happy, but when I touched Jeno, I said, “Sighs.

Chenle noticed that Jeno was smiling and had his head down during this talk. He went up to his bandmate and gave him a hug and asked if he felt bad.

Later, he even said nice things about his muscles, maybe to make him feel better. Jeno laughed and said, “I hate that even more,” which made him feel worse. In the end, Chenle told Jeno how he felt about her.

“I love Jeno so much. I like him so much.”Chenle of the NCT Dream

Fans have noticed that Jeno‘s reactions in the video show that he is uncomfortable with the comments about his body, even though the exchanges seem playful.

Even though the conversations in the video seem funny and friendly, they have sparked a heated discussion among fans.

Many people were worried that these statements, even if they were made in jest, could add to the pressure on K-Pop idols to look a certain way.

Fans are still talking about it online, and many of them want the members to be more sensitive about such sensitive subjects.

Fans are using this event as a reminder of how bad body shaming is and how important it is to talk to people with respect, even when you are close to them.

Here is where you can watch the full private video of NCT Dream at M COUNTDOWN:



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