“Very inspiring, I can’t contain my emotions” —  Lee Jung Jae Makes it to the “A100 List 2024” as One of the 100 Most Influential Asians

Korean actor Lee Jung Jae has made it to the ‘A100 List’ for 2024, announced by the U.S. non-profit organization, Gold House.

The ‘A100’ is an annual list that highlights 100 Asians who have made a significant impact on American culture and society.

Gold House praised Lee Jung Jae, saying, “Since his debut in a local South Korean drama back in 1993, Lee Jung Jae has continued to shine not only in Korea but also on the global stage as an actor, director, and producer. With his name well-established in the Korean film industry, he has led the way with films like ‘The Thieves,’ ‘Assassination,’ and the ‘Along with the Gods’ series, showcasing his acting prowess with box office hits.”

They further noted, “Lee’s career took a massive leap with ‘Squid Game,’ released in 2021, where he played the protagonist, Sung Ki Hoon. His portrayal of this complex yet realistic character, who manages to uphold his moral values despite facing severe hardships, was highly acclaimed. Following the release of Squid Game, Lee made history by becoming the first Asian star to win the Emmy award for Best Male Actor in a Drama, firmly establishing his name on the global stage.”

Gold House concluded by highlighting, “Lee Jung Jae’s career continues to flourish in 2024. He is set to meet his global fans with the highly anticipated Star Wars series, ‘The Acolyte,’ where he plays a Jedi Master. The series is scheduled for release in June this year. Moreover, fans can look forward to seeing Lee return in the second half of 2024 with Squid Game season 2.”

Meanwhile, ‘The Acolyte,’ starring Lee Jung Jae, is set to be released worldwide on Disney+ on June 5.

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