Goo Hye Sun Shocks Fans with Revelation of Living in Her Car

In a startling revelation, actress Goo Hye Sun has admitted to living out of her car after squandering her wealth. The fourth episode of tvN’s ‘Real or Reel,’ aired on May 16, offered a glimpse into the actress’s daily life.

Goo Hye Sun confessed during the episode, “I have squandered much of my fortune. After some unfortunate events, my family has become a lot closer.”

The footage showed her starting her day in her car, parked at a school lot in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, at 6:30 AM. Despite the harsh winter weather, she was living in her car, looking noticeably puffy.

Goo Hye Sun reflected on her journey, “Time has passed too quickly. I first entered the Seoul Institute of the Arts in 2003, but I dropped out after six months. I worked hard to make a living, and in 2011, I enrolled in Sungkyunkwan University’s film studies program. After almost ten years off, I returned to school and have been attending for over four years. Now, at 40, there’s a 20-year age gap between me and the freshmen.”

She further explained her living situation, “I don’t have a permanent residence. I stay at my mother’s house in Incheon, but on exam days or important occasions, I bring my car and sleep in it or stay at the library.”

When asked why she couldn’t commute from her mother’s house, she explained, “To make it to school for a 9 AM class means I have to leave Incheon at 6:30 AM. It takes 3-4 hours drive (to get to school).”

On the topic of dorms or study rooms, she responded, “I lived in a study room near the school, but the lease ended in my last semester. I couldn’t find a short-term lease for three months. Since I am already attending school, I thought I might as well aim to be the top student. Being late or absent was unthinkable for me, so I always arrived 2-3 hours early to ensure peace of mind.”

Concerns were raised about her hygiene living in a car, and the footage showed Goo Hye Sun pulling out wet wipes. She confidently replied, “I honestly wonder why we need to wash every day. As long as I have wet wipes, I can manage…”

She also managed meals in her car, equipped with instant noodles, ready-to-eat rice, snacks, and even a thermos with hot water. She admitted, “I often don’t wash much. I can manage without shampoo, using just soap for everything, including my face. I genuinely don’t understand the need for body wash and use lotion for everything.”

After finishing her day, Goo Hye Sun returned to the school, prompting Jun Hyun Moo to exclaim half-jokingly, “Let’s go home and wash up.”

Goo Hye Sun also reflected on her life, saying, “I was once considered a successful daughter, but I also experienced great failures. Graduating is incredibly important to my parents. It’s their most cherished dream.”

Finally, she concluded, “I might not be able to work much. I have to get a Ph.D., which will take 7-8 years. After getting my degree, I might end up doing something entirely different. I envision myself studying alone in a container in the mountains, as sitting and studying is what I love most.” Her declaration of planning to seclude herself in the mountains left everyone in disbelief.

Meanwhile, ‘Real or Reel’ is an observational and mystery entertainment program that challenges viewers to determine whether the extraordinary daily lives of celebrities are genuine or staged.



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