K-netizens Accuse YouTube Reporter Lee Jin Ho of Being “Friends” with Big Hit Music VP

Recently, the spotlight has turned to YouTuber Lee Jin Ho as K-netizens speculate about his alleged friendship with the vice president of Big Hit Music.

The speculation was fueled by Lee Jin Ho’s recent report, which exposed alleged derogatory KakaoTalk messages from Min Hee Jin about NewJeans. On May 17, Lee Jin Ho unveiled private conversations allegedly between the ADOR CEO and the co-CEO, where derogatory language was supposedly used to describe the girl group.

This revelation sparked a flurry of discussions across various online communities, with Korean netizens expressing their shock and criticism towards Min Hee Jin. While many were taken aback by the language allegedly used by Min Hee Jin, others defended her, arguing that HYBE should have prevented these messages from becoming public.

Following the report, a netizen pointed out an intriguing detail: YouTube reporter Lee Jin Ho is reportedly friends with the vice president of Big Hit Music. This revelation raised questions about whether Lee Jin Ho intentionally portrayed Min Hee Jin in a negative light in his reporting.

Lee Jin Ho has stated that he is acquaintances with the vice president of Big Hit Music.

The netizen also criticized the decision to publicize the KakaoTalk messages exchanged between Min Hee Jin and the co-CEO, arguing that they should have remained private. They accused Lee Jin Ho of intentionally exposing these messages.

Korean netizens have been vocal in their comments:

“I see it clearly, these guys are crossing the line just to isolate and ostracize Min Hee Jin.”

“What does this have to do with her alleged hostile takeover?”

“Wasn’t she saying all these things about Bang?”

“This is playing dirty.”

“I really don’t think Min Hee Jin was saying those things about NewJeans. She’s definitely talking about HYBE people.”

Bang Si Hyuk needs to stop.”

“This is just making me speechless.”

“He’s a cyber wrecker.”

“Playing dirty I see.”

“What does this have to do with the hostile takeover? Also, they think HYBE executives don’t talk worse than that if we expose their messengers?”



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