Netizens think that TWICE’s Jihyo’s Poor Hairstyle and “bad” Extensions was Intentionally Done to make her Look Bad

Fortunately, Jihyo‘s personality on stage more than makes up for it.

Jihyo of TWICE is definitely beautiful, but netizens are angry with the group’s hairstylist after the idol’s new extensions were done badly.

Jihyo has always been one of the most popular idols, and her beautiful looks, amazing skill, and charming personality never fail to impress her fans.

As the head of TWICE, she is a true icon for both the group’s members and fans.

It hasn’t been any different while the band is on a world tour. Jihyo has been getting a lot of attention and basically stealing the hearts of ONCE fans all over the world with her great performance, stage presence, and beauty at every stop.

But after seeing how Jihyo‘s hair looked in recent shows, fans have spoken out against her stylists.

During the shows, Jihyo‘s hair has a new silver color that makes it look great. It stands out on stage and makes her look even more beautiful…

Until netizens pay close attention. A video that has been watched more than 800,000 times on social media shows Jihyo‘s extensions and the obvious layers where they hadn’t been mixed.

When the video was posted online, it got a lot of attention quickly. One enthusiastic internet user even joked that the stylist should be arrested.

Even though Jihyo has the best stage demeanor, they said that her bad hairstyle was hard to miss.

Fans paid a lot of attention to Jihyo‘s bad hairstyle even on the app TikTok. Fans couldn’t help but respond to the style in the comments, saying that it ruined the idol’s look and that if it had been done right, it would have been perfect for Jihyo.

Even though none of the bad comments are about Jihyo, many people think that a girl group with as much experience as TWICE should have designers who can do their jobs well.

Netizens laughed that people were too busy looking at Jihyo to notice the hair, but it shouldn’t have been a problem in the first place.



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