“My eyes are wide open the whole time!” Choi Yena goes through a dramatic visual change that shocks even her own brother


Choi Yena became known to the world in 2018 when she came in fourth place on Mnet’s reality girl group audition show Produce 48.

She recently got a lot of attention because she went through a big change that no one had ever seen before. Even her brother was shocked.

Choi Yena joined IZ*ONE not long after she won Produce 48. She was the group’s main rapper, lead singer, and lead dancer, and she showed off her talents.

After IZ*ONE broke up, Choi Yena made her debut as a solo act in 2022 with the song “Smiley,” which featured BIBI.

Her energetic, sure-of-herself shows and the other eight songs she put out on her three EPs showed how good she was as a solo artist.

She always looked cute, cool, and young. She often wore pigtails and bright, unique clothes.

On June 18, Choi Yena changed her look and posted four new photos on Instagram with the text “XX?” She put on dark, black makeup and thick eyeliner all around her eyes.

She had a new “girl-crush charm” about her. Her hair was “disheveled” and she had a serious look on her face.

Her teeth were one of the things that got the most attention. It was beautiful, but the jewels she wore on her teeth also made her shine.

The top teeth had silver gems and a pink heart, and the bottom teeth had the word “hate” on them.

People on the Internet reacted right away on her new post, and one of them was her older brother.

Choi Sung Min, an actor and former member of the group SPEED, wrote on his younger sister’s Instagram post, “What in the world is that?

When Yena‘s fans heard what her brother said, they said things like, “True siblings,” “He talks like Yena,” and “Oppa, you don’t need to worry.”

The fan was right; what he said sounded like something an older brother would say, which shows how close the two are.

Other fans seemed shocked (in a good way) by her new look, and they praised her by saying that this was her “good girl gone bad” age.

“Miss Yena, they told us we need to brush our teeth every day. You brushed your teeth, right? Is looking good all that matters?”

Yena is currently on the ENA reality show HMLYCP, along with Lee Hyeri from Girls Day, Miyeon from (G)I-DLE, dancer LEEJUNG, Kim Chaewon from LE SSERAFIM, and TV star Patricia Yiombi.

Yena’s second single album, HATE XX, is set to come out on June 27. On August 9, she plans to release her first Japanese song, “SMILEY-Japanese Ver. (Feat. Chanmina).



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