“King The Land” Episode 2 Stuns Audiences with Yoona and Junho’s Captivating On-Screen Chemistry, Achieving a 7.5% Viewer Rating

JTBC‘s weekend drama ‘King the Land‘ has witnessed a significant surge in ratings, according to Nielsen Korea.

The second episode, which aired on June 18th, garnered a nationwide paid broadcast household rating of 7.544%.

This impressive figure indicates a notable increase of over 2 percentage points (P) compared to the 5.075% rating of the first episode.

The burning question now revolves around whether this positive upward trend in ratings can be sustained in the long run.

Featuring Lee Junho and Yoona in lead roles, ‘King the Land‘ revolves around the story of Guwon, a man who disregards laughter, and Cheon Sarang, a smile queen who must maintain a perpetual smile.

Together, they strive to bring genuine laughter to the coveted VVIP lounge, ‘King the Land,’ which serves as a dream destination for hoteliers.

In the latest episode, viewers were captivated by the blossoming excitement between Guwon (played by Lee Junho) and Cheon Sarang (played by Yoona). Their chemistry added a new layer of intrigue to the series.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV‘s weekend drama ‘The Real Has Come!‘ achieved an impressive nationwide household rating of 20.2% for its 26th episode.



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