Netizens marvel over IVE Liz’s beauty and say she looks like a doll

Netizens are raving about IVE‘s Liz, comparing her to a doll based on recent photos from a public event.

One netizen shared these captivating pictures on an online community forum titled, “Wow, is Liz crazy?” In the images, Liz is seen wearing a pristine white dress, with her long black hair flowing down her shoulders.

Her enchanting smile, large round eyes, and flawless complexion left many mesmerized. The forum was flooded with compliments from netizens who couldn’t help but praise Liz‘s doll-like appearance.

She was hailed as an icon of “first love,” and her natural beauty was applauded. Some netizens even expressed their desire for Liz to reveal her forehead by lifting her bangs in future photos.

Here are some of the comments made by netizens:

“Wow, she looks much better with fewer bangs. Losing weight definitely made a difference, but her bangs have a significant impact too.”

“Whoa, she exudes such purity. She gives off the vibes of a first love.”

“Despite having strong facial features, she manages to look incredibly innocent.”

“She’s the queen!”

“Please lift your bangs at least once.”

“She resembles a first love!”

“She’s super pretty.”

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