Viewers outraged as the premiere of “King the Land” starring Yoona and Lee Junho fails to live up to expectations

The premiere of the new romantic comedy drama series ‘King the Land‘, starring Yoona and Lee Junho, received significant criticism from viewers.

The show, which aired on June 17th on JTBC, left many disappointed after its first episode.

Despite having a talented cast, viewers felt that the drama portrayed the hotelier profession in an outdated and stereotypical manner, making it seem behind the times.

Several comments from viewers expressed their dissatisfaction:

“The script was poorly written, giving it a cliched rom-com feel reminiscent of early 2000s dramas.”

“It seemed like the writer took all the problematic aspects of dramas from the 2000s and condensed them into this show.”

“I was expecting a fresh take on a cliched plot, but it definitely didn’t meet my expectations.”

“As someone who works at a hotel, I was furious.”

“The only scene I enjoyed was when the two main characters first met. The writer didn’t do a good job overall.”

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen a drama this bad, so it was somewhat refreshing in that sense.”

“Watching this show gave me the feeling that I was watching something from 20 years ago, just with better resolution.”

In ‘King the Land‘, the story revolves around Goo Won (played by Junho), who is the heir of a luxury hotel conglomerate, and Cheon Sa Rang (played by Yoona), a hotelier known for her constant smile until she meets Goo Won.



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