Netizens Express Doubts Again About Shin Se Kyung’s Casting in “Arthdal Chronicles” Season 2

The announcement of Lee Jun Ki and Shin Se Kyung as the new leads in the highly anticipated second season of “Arthdal Chronicles” has generated a wave of contrasting opinions among netizens.

While Lee Jun Ki‘s casting has been met with enthusiasm due to his suitable appearance for historical dramas and his commendable acting skills, Shin Se Kyung‘s inclusion has raised concerns among viewers who question her ability to deliver a compelling performance.

Arthdal Chronicles” made its debut in 2019, featuring a star-studded cast including Jang Dong Gun, Song Joong Ki, and Kim Ji Won.

Despite initially receiving modest ratings, the drama garnered praise for its intriguing plot. After four years of preparation, the long-awaited second season is set to air, promising a brand-new era in the land of Arth.

Lee Jun Ki‘s involvement in the drama has been met with a positive response from the audience. Known for his versatility and captivating performances in historical dramas, the actor brings a wealth of experience to his new role.

Viewers are excited to witness the collaboration between Lee Jun Ki and Jang Dong Gun, creating anticipation for the upcoming season.

In contrast to Lee Jun Ki‘s warm reception, Shin Se Kyung‘s casting has been met with skepticism. Despite being equally stunning in appearance, the actress has faced criticism in the past for her stiff and emotionless acting.

This has led to concerns among viewers, who fear that her inclusion may impact the overall performance and enjoyment of the drama.

Netizens Share Their Opinions:

“I’m absolutely thrilled to see Lee Jun Ki in ‘Arthdal Chronicles’! He always delivers exceptional performances in historical dramas. Can’t wait for the second season!”

“I have reservations about Shin Se Kyung’s acting skills. I hope she proves me wrong and surprises us all with her performance. Fingers crossed!”

“Lee Jun Ki’s casting is a perfect match for the drama’s historical setting. I have no doubt he’ll excel in his role. Excited to see him share the screen with Jang Dong Gun!”

“I’m cautiously optimistic about Shin Se Kyung’s casting. While she may have had some weaker performances in the past, this could be an opportunity for her to showcase her growth as an actress.”

“The first season of ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ left me wanting more, and with the addition of Lee Jun Ki, my excitement has skyrocketed. Can’t wait to see what the second season brings!”

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