Lee Chae Yeon’s Appearance on “Queendom Puzzle” Sparks Attention-Seeking Controversy

Lee Chae Yeon‘s recent appearance in “Queendom Puzzle” becomes hot topic.

The premiere of Mnet‘s highly anticipated program, “Queendom Puzzle,” on June 13th has ignited a heated debate among netizens.

The show aims to create the ultimate project group by assembling former girl group members and female artists, treating them as “puzzle pieces” that fit together perfectly through various stages.

However, the unexpected departure of Lee Chaeyeon, along with LABOUM‘s Haein, prior to the first broadcast has left fans puzzled and questioning the show’s editing decisions.

During a press conference, the “Queendom Puzzle” team attempted to shed light on the departures of Lee Chaeyeon and Haein.

They apologized for their inability to disclose specific reasons for the artists’ withdrawal and emphasized their respect for the efforts put into the stage preparations.

The production team announced that all recorded footage until the time of their departure would be aired as a sign of respect.

In the first episode, Lee Chaeyeon surprised viewers with her confident demeanor, expressing her determination to win by voting “down” for all contestants preceding her performance.

Her choice of Lee Hyori’s hit song, “Toc Toc Toc,” showcased her talent, but she unexpectedly received seven “down” votes.

Frustrated and unable to contain her anger backstage, she exclaimed, “I’m angry. What should I do?” The preview for the next episode revealed Lee Chaeyeon‘s departure from the show.

Netizens speculate that Lee Chaeyeon‘s appearance on the show was a calculated move to generate attention, rather than a genuine consideration for her preparations.

This strategy has left fans questioning the authenticity of the show and demanding a convincing explanation from the production team.

Netizens commented:

“Why was Lee Chaeyeon shown in the trailer if she dropped out? Something seems fishy here…”

“I was excited to see Lee Chaeyeon perform, but now I’m confused about her sudden exit. The production team should clarify this situation.”

“I hope ‘Queendom Puzzle’ doesn’t manipulate Lee Chaeyeon’s footage to create unnecessary drama. Her talent deserves better.”

“The press conference explanations seem vague. Why did Lee Chaeyeon’s screentime differ so much from what was promised?”

“If the production team respects the artists, why did they portray Lee Chaeyeon’s appearance as a mere attention-grabbing tactic? It feels unfair to her.”

“Lee Chaeyeon’s performance was captivating, yet the judges’ votes contradicted her talent. This doesn’t make sense!”

“I can’t believe Lee Chaeyeon dropped out. I was looking forward to seeing her progress. It feels like a missed opportunity.”

“It’s disappointing if Lee Chaeyeon’s departure was just a publicity stunt. I hope the production team addresses this issue transparently.”

“The show’s credibility is at stake. The production team needs to be accountable and provide a satisfactory explanation for Lee Chaeyeon’s departure.”

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