“Such an angel” — Netizens shower praise on Hanni as she makes surprise visit to a fan’s workplace

Hanni from the popular group NewJeans has garnered attention due to her recent act of kindness.

On June 16, a fan took to Twitter to share their encounter with Hanni and expressed their admiration for her generous nature. The fan mentioned that despite their brief meeting, they were deeply moved by Hanni‘s thoughtfulness and warmth.

According to the fan’s tweet, Hanni visited the fan’s workplace, and even though they only saw her eyes, they couldn’t help but notice her loveliness.

The fan introduced themselves as a fan of NewJeans, expressing their support for Hanni. They also mentioned a previous encounter with another group member and shared their concerns about making her uncomfortable by recognizing her.

“I logged back into my Twitter for the first time in 100 years to tell the world about Hanni…
You see, Hanni came to the place where I work. I only saw her eyes, but even then it was impossible to hide her loveliness… I said that I was Bunnies, and that I loved her and supported her.
Another member also came to my workplace before, and I talked about how I felt bad that I recognized her and wonderied if that somehow made her feel uncomfortable. 
Anyways, I said that I was leaving that workplace soon, so Hanni should feel comfortable about coming back any time and sent her off. But then I felt like I rambled too much by myself TT.
Some time later, my co-workers called me and so I went out to see Hanni had come back to see me.. She said she was thinking of me, and she wanted to thank me so she handed me these desserts TTTTTT.”

The fan then disclosed that they were leaving their workplace soon, assuring Hanni that she was welcome to visit anytime. However, the fan felt that they had rambled too much.

To their surprise, later on, their co-workers informed them that Hanni had returned to see them. Hanni mentioned that she had thought of the fan and wanted to express her gratitude, presenting them with desserts.

The Twitter user continued their account of the meeting, quoting Hanni‘s words, “I’m back, and I remembered you’d be here, so I bought these.

They expressed how deeply touched they were by Hanni‘s gesture, especially considering their distress over leaving their workplace. The fan felt comforted by Hanni’s words and was moved to tears.

“So this is what she said after she called me..
‘I’m back, and I remembered you’d be here so I bought these.’
And that’s how she handed me the shopping bag….
To be completely honest, I was about to leave my workplace soon so I was feeling distressed, and when I heard what Hanni said I suddenly felt like she was comforting me TT. I got a little choked up before I knew it..
Hanni listened to me so patiently, and when I said that I was sorry for rambling earlier, she said it was fine, she was fine with it. A baby angel..
By the time she left, there was a lot of noise around us so I didn’t hear exactly what she said but I think she said, ‘cheer up’! Thanks to Hanni, I think today will be a day I will never forget.. I’m so grateful.” 

The fan described Hanni as a patient listener who reassured them that it was fine to ramble earlier. They referred to her as a “baby angel” and mentioned that amidst the surrounding noise, they couldn’t hear Hanni clearly when she left but believed she said, “cheer up!

The fan concluded by expressing their immense gratitude and stated that they would never forget this day, thanks to Hanni.

Netizens were touched by Hanni‘s kind act, and their comments reflected their admiration:

“Hanni is like a ray of sunshine.”

“This warms my heart.”

“What a kind-hearted person!”

“Is Hanni an angel? This is truly touching.”

“The members of NewJeans always emphasize Hanni’s attention to small details, and it really shows.”

“Hanni is not only beautiful but also possesses a kind heart.”

“Such an angel.”

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