“They can’t eat their favorite snack often” aespa’s Snack Incident Sparks Discussion on the Pressures Faced by Idols

aespa Members Show Consideration for Manager Even While Snacking During Filming

In a recent episode of the YouTube channel ‘Midnight Idol Complaint Office hosted by Director Heo,’ popular K-pop group aespa made a guest appearance, seeking counseling and advice.

However, even during their snack break, the members remained aware of their manager’s presence on set.

Prior to delving into the main discussion, Heo Young-ji, the show’s host, decided to treat aespa with their favorite snack, Pringles.

As soon as the aespa members caught sight of the Pringles container, their faces lit up with excitement. Each member received a container as a gift, and their smiles grew wider.

Expressing their enthusiasm, the members commented, “We shouldn’t share just one container,” and “Having one container is just the beginning. It’s like an appetizer.”

Following the snack distribution, Heo Young-ji casually mentioned, “Feel free to eat while we talk.” At that moment, Karina, one of the aespa members, glanced at their manager and opened her Pringles, stating, “I have to open this while looking at Oppa.”

Karina‘s expression, seemingly conveying the message, “I’m going to enjoy this snack,” caught the attention of everyone present.

It appeared that the accumulated tension with their manager in various situations played a role in the member’s actions.

Noticing the manager’s presence, the other members hesitated to start eating immediately. However, unable to contain herself any longer, Heo Young-ji exclaimed, “Where did it go?” This remark brought a sense of relief, almost “threatening” the manager in a playful manner.

Consequently, the members felt more at ease and comfortably engaged in the snack session.

Despite their slender figures, aespa received comments from online users expressing concerns about potential weight gain.

Some comments included, “Will they gain weight just from eating one container of snacks?” and “We hope they can eat a lot and stay healthy.”

These reactions highlighted the challenges faced by idols in maintaining a balance between their public image and personal desires.



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