“It might be true” Fans are worried about Aespa Ningning’s new social media account, which gets mixed reactions

“This movie seems like something I’ve seen before.”

When Ningning made a Weibo account, Korean aespa fans had different responses.

On June 11, Ningning made a personal Weibo account, which she promoted in a video she posted to the account.

The account is similar to other personal social media accounts that members of aespa have set up.

Fans are happy that aespa members will be able to talk directly with them, but some were afraid that Ningning‘s new Weibo account might mean that she will soon focus on promoting in China.

Promoting in their home country is nothing new for Chinese K-Pop stars. Cheng Xiao from WJSN and Victoria from f(x) are just two examples of idols who have done well in China.

Even though Korean fans are happy for the idols, many can’t help but feel sad that the idols haven’t promoted much in Korea since they’ve been focused on China.

Some online groups say that some netizens wrote that they were worried that Ningning‘s Weibo account meant they would soon see less of the idol they loved.

Still, many other Internet users were said to think that people were worrying too soon and that their fears were unjustified.

“Does this mean she will be promoted in China?”

“Honestly, wouldn’t it be easier for her to promote in China? She might be better off if she did.”
“This movie seems like something I’ve seen before.”
“This makes me think of Victoria on f(x).”
“Chinese idols have been down this road many times.”
“Why can’t she sign up for Weibo? What’s the matter with you?”
“I am sure that her label has given their permission.”
“Why are you all so upset that she made a Weibo account? Really, you guys have no chance.”

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