“The real definition of handsome!” 10+ Unedited Photos Of SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan At The Saint Laurent Show That Reveal His IRL Visuals

The handsome idol needed no editing!

On June 12 (local time) in Berlin, Germany, Saint Laurent showed their spring/summer menswear design for 2024. SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan was there.

Jeonghan has been to a Saint Laurent show before, when he went to the Men’s Winter 2023 Show in Paris earlier this year.

During Paris Fashion Week, the SEVENTEEN member looked amazing and ready to walk the runway in his stunning photos and Saint Laurent outfit.

Fans were stunned again when he showed up at the Saint Laurent show in Berlin, looking handsome in a suit that was easily cool.

Jeonghan quickly became the main attraction, and fans and the media rushed to get pictures of his unbelievable moves as he wowed the crowd.

Here are some unedited pictures of Jeonghan at the Saint Laurent event that show his amazing looks in real life.

Runway model or special guest?

Even in a picture taken from a distance, Jeonghan‘s body looked like it belonged on the runway.

The main event

The crowd waiting for Jeonghan outside the show showed who the main attraction was by cheering wildly for the beautiful SEVENTEEN member.

Charming differences

In between pictures of him looking serious, Jeonghan smiled sweetly to show how he could be charming in both situations.

The show’s main character

Jeonghan worked the crowd while posing for fans who were waiting.

Shining brightly, even in low-resolution pictures

As fans crowded around him, Jeonghan smiled and glowed in pictures on the preview screen of a camera.

Unreal graphics

The way Jeonghan looks in real life makes fan-taken pictures look like they’re from a magazine.

What y/n dreams are made of This unaltered picture caught the perfect moment as Jeonghan looked straight into the camera.

Handsome from every angle

Jeonghan showed off his perfect face in pictures, which were perfect from every angle.

Features that draw attention

Even in low-resolution pictures, Jeonghan‘s sharp, handsome features stood out.

Fan picture or fashion pictorial?

All night long, talented CARATs took pictures of Jeonghan that looked like paintings.


Everyone noticed Jeonghan.

How strong a single wave can be

In this uncut film, Jeonghan‘s single wave sent the crowd into a frenzy.



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