“We can’t help but love it!” How are netizens reacting to EXO being united once again

They all seemed to be very close to each other.

Dispatch shared pictures of EXO‘s members (except for Kai) at the Incheon Airport.

On June 8, Dispatch shared photos of the EXO members together as they went to Busan for a personal schedule.

Fans were worried about the group after Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin left SM Entertainment and became EXO-CBX. Seeing all of the members together was a relief for them.

In relaxed white shirts, members D.O. and Sehun looked cool. D.O., who has made a name for himself as an up-and-coming star, showed off his signature good looks, while Sehun talked on the phone in a cool way.

Chanyeol and Suho also wore casual clothes, but even though Suho was wearing a mask, he couldn’t hide his amazing looks.

Fans were happy to see that EXO-CBX members were also there. Even though they just filed a case to get out of their contract with SM Entertainment, the members didn’t let that stop them from hanging out with each other.

Most people on the Internet were happy to see the members together. Many fans couldn’t help but get excited about what the group might have in store for their fans.

Do Kyung Soo (D.O.) is pretty as hell.”
“I can’t help but look at Chanyeol, who’s smiling like he has nothing to worry about.”
“Are they going to make a video for a song?”

“The members look like they get along well.”
D.O. is good-looking. Suho‘s face isn’t shown here, but he’s also pretty.”
D.O. is as handsome as AF.”
“The support truck should have been sent to the airport by the fans.”
Suho is good-looking AF.”
“This is weird to me.”
EXO-CBX, on the other hand, just ended their deal with SM Entertainment. Since then, SM Entertainment has said that they will give the idols the accounting papers they asked for in order to stop the idols and fans from being upset.

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