“Crush, please step on me!” Stray Kids’ Felix Unveils His Most Vibrant Hair Color Yet, Stealing Hearts Once Again

He looks so good!

Felix of Stray Kids has always gotten respect for his skills and looks.

Fans love it when he tries new things with his appearance, like this diamond freckle look…

…or when he wears low-cut shirts.

Fans also like to see the different colors of hair he’s had over the years. Felix‘s good looks, along with just about any haircut or color, are sure to make STAYs go crazy.

Felix just got a new hair color, which is one of his brightest yet.

Stray Kids just came back with a new album called (5-STAR), which has already sold over 4.93 million copies, making it the K-Pop album with the most pre-orders ever.

There were also some viral videos before the album came out, and fans love the main track, “S-Class.”

Felix has been wearing his hair long and blond/ash colored as of late and in this music video.

Stray Kids were released on KBS’s Music Bank. When they went to their first music show after that, Felix was wearing a bucket hat that hid most of his hair.

Fans got their first look at his new blue hair because a tiny bit was sticking out.

Fans got a better look soon after, both when Stray Kids left and when they performed on the show. Sparkles were painted on his face, which is a physical way of saying how much he shines.

STAYs show how strongly they feel online, and we love the look!



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