“They don’t come to play!” Netizens are shocked by how well LE SSERAFIM is able to sync up in their most recent dance practice

All of their sides fit together perfectly!

LE SSERAFIM is coming to the end of their UNFORGIVEN era promotions, but they are still giving their fans new material.

The girl group put out a dance practice video for their popular B-side song “Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s Wife” earlier today. The song has a high-energy dance routine that fans have loved to see live.

People were already amazed by how well the band played the song live, and many fans liked the B-side track better than the title song “UNFORGIVEN.”

And now that the dance practice for the song is out, fans are even more impressed by how skilled the members of LE SSERAFIM are, especially when it comes to moving in time with each other.

On an online forum, people have posted different clips from the video that show how perfectly aligned the members’ angles are, which is famously hard to do.

One part, where the members lean like Michael Jackson at the end of the song, is especially amazing because they are all perfectly in sync even as they’re “falling”!

It looks like you can stop the dance practice pretty much anywhere and see that the dancers are almost always in time with each other.

Here’s what the Internet has to say about how well they danced together in their new practice video.

Everyone can see that the hard work and efforts of LE SSERAFIM‘s members have paid off.



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