“Aigoo… the Scar Is Visible” Fans Express Deep Concern for Jennie’s Well-being After Recent Appearance

Get well soon, Jennie!

Jennie of BLACKPINK was hurt a few months ago, and it left a mark under her eye. She hurt herself while working out, so she had to go out in public with a bandage on her face.

Like everything else she did, the bandaid quickly became a trend, and people started copying her on social media. Still, she is getting better, but the accident has left a small scar.

At Chanel’s fashion show and event on June 1, 2023, in Tokyo, the scar was clear to see.

She was wearing a fancy coat and a headpiece with a lot of beads.

It doesn’t look like that from far away because of patches and makeup.

Even though she had a scar, she still rocked the picture wall.

Even more worrisome to fans was the fact that she hurt her shoulder. When the host of the picture wall told Jennie to wave at the fans and photographers, she smiled sheepishly and said she couldn’t.

Alison, the manager, was also quick to let the host know that Jennie had been hurt.

People on the Internet were very worried about the star.

Did she get hurt under her eye? Aigoo…”

“Aigoo… At least her eye didn’t get hurt. I hope the scar goes away soon.”

“Oh no, it did leave a mark… It’s right under her eye, so it’s good that she didn’t actually hurt her eye.

“Things would have been bad if it had been a little bit higher.”

“Gasp… Still? It looks like it was worse than I thought. It’s good that it’s not her eye.”

“Gasp… Did the scar form when the skin started to rise?

Fans shouldn’t worry, though. Jennie is very good about taking care of her scar. She told Vogue in a “what’s in my bag” video that she always has protection patches for the injury on her. Get well soon Jennie!



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