Netizens Shocked After Discovering This “XO, Kitty” Actress Almost Debuted With NewJeans And LE SSERAFIM

Ryu Han Bi, known for her portrayal of Eunice in the popular drama series XO, Kitty, may have a small role, but she has left a lasting impression on viewers.

Playing the gorgeous and slightly ditzy follower of queen bee Yuri Kim (played by Gia Kim), Ryu Han Bi has garnered attention for her spectacular visuals and dance skills, leading fans to dub her, alongside Sunny Oh (Mihee) and Gia Kim, a “K-Pop girl group” within the drama.

With her background as an idol trainee, it’s no wonder she stands out on the dance floor. Let’s delve into Ryu Han Bi‘s journey from child actress to a rising star in the acting world.

Ryu Han Bi’s path to success began as a child actress, where she quickly made a name for herself.

Her talent and dedication were recognized when she won the “Best Child Actress” award at the prestigious 2018 MBC Drama Awards for her outstanding performance in the show Come and Hug Me.

This early recognition served as a testament to her promising future in the entertainment industry.

As Ryu Han Bi‘s popularity grew, fans couldn’t help but speculate on her potential involvement in the K-Pop industry.

Speculations arose when her Instagram account, managed by her mother, started following Min Hee Jin and ADOR, raising eyebrows and fueling rumors of a possible debut.

Given that Ryu Han Bi was born in 2004, it seemed plausible for her to join a new group like NewJeans. However, these rumors were short-lived, as Ryu Han Bi‘s mother later unfollowed Min Hee Jin and ADOR, leading to more uncertainty about her future endeavors.

Insider reports shed light on Ryu Han Bi‘s unexpected journey. It was revealed that she joined LE SSERAFIM‘s debut group temporarily before ultimately deciding to part ways with HYBE Entertainment.

While her brief stint as a trainee didn’t result in a debut as a K-Pop star, Ryu Han Bi‘s talent and determination remained intact, paving the way for a successful acting career.

Although her path took a different turn, Ryu Han Bi‘s passion for acting remains evident. Despite not becoming a K-Pop star, she continues to impress audiences with her performances in XO, Kitty.

Fans have noticed her seamless dancing skills, which surpass those of her co-stars Sunny Oh and Gia Kim during the party scenes.

This grace on the dance floor can be attributed to her prior experience as an idol trainee.

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