“His voice is so sexy” — Actor Lee Sang Heon’s Soaring Global Popularity in “XO, Kitty” Garners High Praise from Korean Netizens

Actor Lee Sang Heon has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity lately, thanks to his portrayal of Min Ho in the hit series XO, Kitty.

This international sensation has skyrocketed to the top of Netflix charts in multiple countries, captivating audiences around the world.

In the show, Lee Sang Heon plays the role of Min Ho, the frenemy-turned-love interest of the female lead, Kitty.

Although he initially teased her, Min Ho soon finds himself falling for the spunky and charismatic heroine, creating a captivating on-screen dynamic.

While Min Ho may not have won Kitty‘s heart just yet, he has undeniably won over viewers worldwide.

His Instagram account amassed a million followers in a mere four days following the series’ launch, indicating his immense popularity on a global scale.

But how is Lee Sang Heon faring with his Korean fans? It seems they have fallen head over heels for him as well, particularly appreciating his chemistry with his co-star Gia Kim, who interestingly happens to be his real-life older sister.

Korean netizens have expressed their delight upon discovering this familial connection, further enhancing their enjoyment of the drama.

Netizens commented:

“When I found out about this, the story got even better.”

“I think I’m going to melt when I hear Min Ho’s (Lee Sang Heon) voice…”

“Who wants to be a Lee Sang Heon fangirl/boy with me?”

“Oh my, how good.”

“Oh, I want to see it right away.”

“He reminds me of Jin Young’s character Dex from Single’s Inferno.”

“But it’s so interesting that they’re brothers and sisters but have different last names.”

“His visuals are the kind that are in demand…”

“Wow, I became interested out of the blue.”

When will Season 2 be out?

“His looks and voice make me think of Felix.”

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