Actor Moon Tae Yu relays his thoughts on the ending of ‘Queen of Tears’

As the final episode of the tvN weekend drama “Queen of Tears” approaches, actor Moon Tae Yu shares his closing thoughts.

The show, which wraps up on April 28th, revolves around a passionate love story between Hong Hae In (played by Kim Ji Woon), a third-generation heiress of the Queens Group and a department store queen, and Baek Hyun Woo (played by Kim Soo Hyun), the son of a supermarket owner and a prince.

In the drama, Moon Tae Yu portrays Kim Yang Gi, a capable lawyer and a reliable friend to Hyun Woo. His multifaceted performances have captivated viewers, and he skillfully handles the pivotal role of Yang Gi, adding depth to the story.

Not only does he provide unwavering support to Hyun Woo, revealing his innermost feelings, but he also plays a crucial role as a lawyer, navigating through challenging situations. Moon Tae Yu‘s portrayal of Kim Yang Gi strikes a balance between humor and professionalism, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

In the 15th episode, which aired on April 27th, Yang Gi races against time to find evidence that will clear Hyun Woo of murder charges. In the courtroom, he delivers a flawless defense, exuding strength through his gaze and words. His performance in “Queen of Tears” solidifies his unique charm, seamlessly blending with the character.

As the drama bids farewell, Moon Tae Yu expresses heartfelt gratitude to the viewers who showered “Queen of Tears” with love.

He extends warm wishes to the Yang Gi family, hoping they will be filled with love. His parting words resonate: “To the viewers who loved the drama ‘Queen of Tears,’ and to all the production staff and fellow actors who worked on this project, I sincerely thank you. While watching Hyun Woo’s love, I believe Yang Gi has also grown. May love fill the Yang Gi family, and may all of us be surrounded by love!”

Don’t miss the final episode of “Queen of Tears,” airing today at 9:10 PM.



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