“Her face is everyone’s GOALS!” Aespa’s Winter Spotted With Zero Makeup And Netizens Are Loving It

“Wow, she looks better when she doesn’t wear makeup…”

Aespa‘s Winter always gets attention for how pretty she looks, but the star has become a hot topic after her different looks when she left Korea and arrived in France for an upcoming schedule.

The members of aespa left Korea on May 22 (KST) to go to France for the Cannes Film Festival.

Unsurprisingly, all of the members got a lot of attention for their strange and beautiful looks that fit their personalities. Winter was no different.

She wore a pair of blue jeans and a black crop top, and she looked beautiful.

Still, Winter made sure to show friends and the media some love with a face heart while looking cool, calm, and collected.

Still, Winter looked like a beauty getting ready to walk the catwalk with her unreal looks and perfect outfit.

Still, Winter was a big deal because of how strangely she changed when the group arrived in France.

Winter looked perfect when she left Korea, and she looked just as beautiful when she arrived without any makeup and in a much more casual outfit that was much better for traveling.

Even though the star was wearing a mask, her natural beauty shone through, and she looked more innocent and younger.

Since it takes a long time to get from Korea to France, it wasn’t strange that Winter wanted to take a break. She looked so cute as she closed her eyes to rest.

When the pictures came out and Korean netizens looked at them side by side, they couldn’t believe how different Winter looked.

Even though the star looked great in Korea, there was something sweet and innocent about Winter when she didn’t have any makeup on.

“Wow, she looks better when she’s not wearing makeup.”
“Oh, LOL, I can relate to that picture of her sitting in a chair.”
“So cute, LOL.”‘
“She signed in as Minjung, LOL.”
“HAHA, I thought she was Taeyeon. I always hear somebody say that.”

Winter always gets attention for how unreal she looks, but the star is just as pretty when she doesn’t wear any makeup.



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