4 Most Pure- Hearted and Generous Actors who extend help to those supporting actors having a hard time to gain spotlight

It takes a lot of people’s hard work and dedication to create a single work. Unfortunately, the attention is often focused on the lead actor, the protagonist of the work.

For supporting actors who try their best to contribute to the work, it is a bitter reality that even promoting their names is not easy.

However, there are famous stars who know this reality of the entertainment industry well and reach out to supporting actors with warm hands, giving them touching moments.

Let’s meet the four “Swoon Sweet” stars who touched others with their heartfelt camaraderie.

Kim Woo Bin

Actor Kim Woo Bin, who recently returned with Netflix’s “Delivery Man,” introduced supporting actors through social media.

On May 14th, he posted a photo on his Instagram account with actors who appeared in “Delivery Man.

As actors who played deliverymen in the drama wear masks, it’s hard to recognize their faces, and Kim Woo Bin understood this and decided to introduce them by posting their Instagram IDs.

Kim Hye Soo

Actor Kim Hye Soo, who is famous for taking good care of her juniors, also introduced supporting actors through SNS like Kim Woo Bin.

Last year, through her personal Instagram account, she shared photos of supporting actors who appeared in Netflix’s “Extracurricular.”

She even wrote the roles that each actor played in the drama and their real names in detail.

Jo In Sung

Actor Jo In Sung drew attention by showing his loyalty by appearing on a supporting actor’s YouTube channel.

In 2020, he did a surprise live broadcast with actor Park Hyo Jun (YouTuber Burger King) who he met through the movie “A Dirty Carnival.”

Instead of asking viewers to subscribe and like the video, Park Hyo Jun asked viewers to support the supporting actors.

Jung Woo Sung

Actor Jung Woo Sung, who is known for his kind heart, donated his appearance fees for a coffee truck to support the cast and crew of the drama “Sisyphus: The Myth.”

When the coffee truck arrived on the set, it was revealed that he had added snacks and other treats for the supporting actors.

These four stars warmed the hearts of many supporting actors by showing their warm and generous attitudes.

They proved that true camaraderie is touching and beautiful, and they set an example for everyone in the entertainment industry to follow.



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