G-Dragon and CL’s Playful Pose Steals the Spotlight in YG Family’s Epic Reunion Photo at Seven’s Wedding

The YG Family recently reunited at the wedding of singer Seven, much to the delight of K-pop fans.

The event was held at the Shilla Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on May 6th, and it was attended by many members of the YG Entertainment family.

CL, a former member of girl group 2NE1, took to social media to share her joy about the reunion, posting a photo of herself with fellow 2NE1 members Minzy and Sandara Park. In the caption, she wrote, “Family matters. Congrats on your wedding and love you, Oppa.

In addition to the 2NE1 members, a group photo was also released featuring G-Dragon, Daesung, Gummy, Jinu, Sean, Sandara Park, Minzy, and others who had all been under YG Entertainment at the same time.

The photo showed the YG family posing together with big smiles on their faces, looking like they were having a great time.

The playful pose struck by G-Dragon and CL was particularly eye-catching, showing their mischievous side and prompting many netizens to comment on the photo.

Here are some of the comments from K-pop fans on social media:

“I love seeing the YG family together again! They look like they had so much fun at the wedding.”

“CL and G-Dragon are so cute together. They always have such great chemistry.”

“I can’t believe how much time has passed since 2NE1 was active, but it’s great to see the members still supporting each other.”

“This photo gives me serious nostalgia. YG really had some of the best artists in K-pop.”

“The YG family is forever. I hope they continue to support each other for years to come.”

“I’m so happy to see Sandara Park back with the YG family. She’s such a talented performer and deserves all the love.”

“G-Dragon is a true king. He always looks amazing and knows how to have a good time.”

“Congratulations to Seven and Lee Da-hae on their wedding! It’s great to see so many YG artists celebrating with them.”

“I miss 2NE1 so much, but I’m glad to see that the members are still close friends.”

“YG really had the best family vibe in K-pop. I hope we get to see more reunions like this in the future.”

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