Actress Lee Yu Bi Continues to Be Targeted by Akgaes Despite Denying Relationship with Jungkook

Actress Lee Yu Bi, who is known for her roles in dramas such as “The Scholar Who Walks the Night” and “Pinocchio,” has been dragged into dating rumors with BTS member Jungkook in the past.

However, the rumors were denied by both parties’ companies, and Lee Yu Bi even denied knowing Jungkook despite acknowledging that she knew Suga.

Despite the denial, Lee Yu Bi remains plagued by many akgaes, or overly obsessive fans. Recently, a post on a community site alleged that she was dating Jungkook, resulting in hundreds of malicious comments on her Instagram account, mostly from international fans.

Some fans simply stuck to negative emojis, while others warned her away from Jungkook. Many of the comments were in poorly worded Korean, likely using a translator, and attacked her for her age and looks, among other things.

Despite the harassment, Lee Yu Bi and her company have yet to comment on the matter. Netizens are perplexed as to why this issue is cropping up again when it was already denied once in 2021.

Many fans have speculated that the akgaes responsible for the rumors are not Jungkook’s, but instead those of other members of BTS trying to create a bad image for Jungkook‘s fans.

As the internal fight between the akgaes grows, the true victims are the good fans who simply love the entire group for who they are.

Here are some comments from netizens regarding the issue:

“Wow, was this post also the doings of that akgae gallery?”

“All I know is that this one girl is being tortured because she’s being used in the internal fight of the boy group’s fandom.”

“I’m a BTS fan, and this is the first I’m hearing of dating rumors. LOL”

“What are they hoping for with those comments? They already said they’re not dating; what more do you want… It’s not like there’s something to break up…”

“Seems like they’re really mentally ill… But you’re not going to get noticed this way… Get it together!”

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