Netizens React to YG Entertainment’s Decision to Pursue Legal Action Over Rumors Against BLACKPINK’s Rose

YG Entertainment, the management agency of the popular K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK, has recently addressed the drug allegations surrounding one of its members, Rose.

It all started when a photo of Rose and actor Kang Dong Won was posted by Riccardo Tisci, the former Burberry chief creative officer, on social media.

This quickly sparked rumors online, including allegations of drug use and speculation that the two stars are dating.

As the rumors spread, YG Entertainment decided to take action and released a statement on April 13. The company stated that they are pursuing legal action against those who are violating their artists’ rights and privacy, and that they are monitoring and watching those who create and spread these rumors.

This announcement from YG Entertainment has garnered various reactions from netizens.

Here are some of the reactions:

“I’m glad YG is taking this seriously and protecting their artists. These rumors are so harmful and unfounded.”

“Rose is an amazing artist and she doesn’t deserve to be dragged through the mud like this. I’m glad YG is standing up for her.”

“It’s important to remember that these are just baseless rumors. We should be supporting Rose and not spreading these kinds of rumors.”

“I’m worried about the impact that these rumors could have on Rose’s reputation and career.”

“This is just another example of how toxic the K-pop industry can be. It’s time for entertainment agencies to prioritize the well-being of their artists.”

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