Kang Nara rumored to be in a romantic relationship with new agency’s CEO after contract termination

A former agency official of “defector actor” Kang Na Ra reported a bumpy situation during the process of terminating the exclusive contract.

On March 10th, an official from Kang Na Ra ‘s former agency DJ Entertainment told Xports News, Kang Na Ra suddenly demanded the termination of the contract without any special reason at the end of last year. When we initially signed the contract, we agreed to terminate it if there was no revenue or work for a year, but it was regrettable that she suddenly decided to leave when we were making efforts to help her grow as an actress.”

The official said that they only recently found out that Kang Na Ra had moved to Management Peom, which is run by Song Ja Ho, after terminating the contract.

The official explained, “We cannot say exactly about the relationship between the two, but we wonder if there was some kind of influence during the process of contract termination.”

Meanwhile, on this day, rumors about a romantic relationship between Kang Na Ra and Song Ja Ho surfaced.

They are said to have met through an acquaintance and developed into a couple. Kang Na Ra reportedly started a new activity at Management Peom, which is run by Song Ja Ho, at the end of last year, and there is growing interest in the rumors.

Regarding this, Xports News attempted to contact Management Peom but has not received a response.



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