Seohyun’s Beach Photos with Temporary Tattoo Sticker Spark Interest Among Fans

Singer and actress Seohyun surprised fans with a temporary tattoo sticker.

On March 9th, Seohyun shared several photos along with various emojis.

In the released photos, Seohyun is seen enjoying some relaxation time wearing a sleeveless top and hot pants that show off her figure, with a picturesque ocean in the background accentuating her body even more.

In particular, a small tattoo visible between her shoulder blades caught the attention of netizens.

However, there was a twist to these photos. On March 10th, Seohyun posted a photo revealing that the tattoo was actually a temporary sticker, along with the caption, “Gotcha?? If you look closely, you can see that it’s quite crooked ㅋㅋ“.

She later added, “It was a trip to Guam with a tattoo sticker that a fan gave me a long time ago ㅋㅋ” and “Oh! There’s also this one. I felt satisfied wearing it since it seems to go well with me,” along with more photos.

Meanwhile, Seohyun has been confirmed to appear in the upcoming movie “Finding the King.”



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