Netizens LOL Over Stray Kids Felix’s Unexpected Hashtag On Instagram Comparing It To A Mom’s Facebook Post

Felix from Stray Kids has been giving fans a real treat on their social media feeds lately with bare-faced and made-up photoshoots on the band’s Instagram!

His most recent post, which was shared on January 21, is another set of no-makeup selfies in which Felix is also wearing a pair of glasses that make him look even cuter and more like a boyfriend.

Based on what the caption says, it looks like Felix was working on his keyboard, which is why he’s also showing off some tools in the four photos.

The pretty pictures of Felix are getting a lot of attention on the post, and the caption is also making fans laugh.

The caption says, “Who would’ve thought lubing switches would take hours?” and has the hashtags #Stay, #straykids, #felix, and #lubing.

Even though the word “lubing” makes sense in this case (Felix was probably lubing the switches on his keyboard to make them quieter and work better), some people at first thought it meant something more NSFW.

Some STAYs find it even funnier that he used it twice, both in the caption and as a hashtag.

There are a lot of other comments on the Instagram post that people can relate to, like how hard the task was, how beautiful the pictures were, or how funny it was how he used words.

No matter how you feel about it, Felix always gives fans a treat when he posts pictures of himself on Stray Kids‘ Instagram account.



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