Netizens Are Stunned By How Tall TXT’s Soobin Is In “Real Life”

He makes everyone else look small.

It’s no secret that TXT‘s members are, on average, quite a bit taller than most people.

The average height of the group is about 181.5cm, or about 5’11.5″, and even their shortest member, Taehyun, is 177cm (5’9.5″) tall.

Leader Soobin, on the other hand, is taller than the rest of the group. He is between 185 cm and 187 cm (6’1′′ to 6’1.5′′) tall now.

This makes him one of the tallest idols in K-Pop right now, which is easy to see when you see him standing next to other idols.

On a recent online forum, people talked about how tall he is and shared gifs and pictures that show how much he towers over other people in most situations.

Soobin‘s face is often compared to that of a cute bunny, so fans are lovingly calling him a “monster bunny” in the comments section of the post.

Soobin looks almost as tall as the Korean-Nigerian model Han Hyunmin, who is also a giant at 191cm (6’3′′).

It’s funny how, when he’s with the rest of TXT, he almost looks like he’s a normal height…

But in a crowd, he is easily a head or more taller than most people.

Here are more of the comments about Soobin‘s amazing height in “real life” that were left on the online post.

Because Soobin is so tall, his interactions with other idols and people who are not idols are often funny and entertaining.

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