This “Boys Planet 999” Trainee Garners Attention For His Previous Appearance On A Highly Popular Netflix Show

Boys Planet 999” just started, but the trainees are already getting a lot of attention. Trainees from all over the world joined the reality survival program, whose main goal was to make a debut group.

Especially, trainee Jeon Ho Young is getting more and more known. Fans knew him from the movies he was in when he was a kid.

His list of roles is still short, but shows like “Ghost Doctor” and “Yumi’s Cells” stand out. On “Boys Planet 999,” it was nice to see him again.

He was born in 2004, and Wi Entertainment has only had him as a trainee for 11 months.

Not only did he star in well-known K-dramas, but he also played a major role in a Netflix movie that was praised all over the world.

Does anyone remember “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” a popular teen romance? “Always and Forever“, the last movie in the trilogy, had a cameo by Jeon Ho Young. On the show, he was the guy who liked Kitty, the youngest sister.

Even though it was short, fans were excited to see him play the role again in XO, Kitty, which was a spinoff. Unfortunately, no one knows why he was replaced. Maybe it was because he changed jobs and became an idol. In his PR video, he said that he had appeared in the past.

Jeon Ho Young said, “I can speak English because I went to an international school in Turkey. So, thankfully, I had the chance to be in a number of works, such as “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,.“”

What a surprise turn of events!



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