LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Takes a Strong Stance on How to Deal With Cheating in a Relationship, and You’ll 100% Agree

Sakura from LE SSERAFIM is currently on a solo variety show called “Fearless Kura.” It was made to show her in a variety of situations where she is “fearless.”

In the most recent episode of “Fearless Kura,” Sakura had to debate with Joo Woo Jae, a popular YouTuber who is known for being very smart and “pisses people off” with his debates.

After a rough start, the challenge for the day is explained to the two. They will be given a question and two possible answers. If they don’t agree, they will argue, and guest judge Shin Ah Yeong will decide who won.

The first set of choices is between having a lover who admits to cheating and having a lover who keeps it a secret until the end.

Sakura and Shin Ah Yeong both agree that they are bad, and Sakura wonders if she has to choose between the two.

Sakura chooses to have a lover who tells the truth, while Joo Woo Jae chooses a lover who hides an affair.

The two start arguing right away. Sakura has a strong opinion about being cheated on and says that the answer should be clear.

They talk back and forth, and Sakura says, “Having an affair is just sad and regrettable“. She even says that she would “feel like an idiot” if she didn’t know about the affair.

Sakura said, “If you’re human, you should admit it first.”

Joo Woo Jae insists that it would be better not to know, so Sakura and Shin Ah Yeong call him a “babo“, which means an idiot.

Shin Ah Yeong finally sides with Sakura, but says Joo Woo Jae won because he was able to convince her. At the end of this part of the debate, Sakura calls Joo Woo Jae an idiot one last time.

Even though it’s all hypothetical, it’s nice to hear an idol talk about a relationship in an honest way.

You can watch the whole episode down below.



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