Multiple BTS Members Reach Milestone Goals in One Week, Highlighting Each Member’s Star Power

A group of soloists who do well!

BTS is used to raising the bar with their music and reaching amazing milestones.

Now that the members have began to promote their solo work officially, it seems likely that their separate projects will follow the same path.

This week, three BTS members have reached different solo milestones, showing that their influence as artists goes beyond their brand as a group.

1. RM

Since the release of his new album, Indigo, RM has been breaking old records and making new ones.

On December 21, he reached a total of 1 billion streams on Spotify, joining J-Hope and Suga on the list of artists who have done this.

But what’s even more important is that his album hit #3 on the Billboard 200 chart, making him the first Korean soloist to ever make it into the top 5.


Jungkook‘s year was full of events, and he put out three solo albums.

He sang “Stay Alive (Prod. SUGA of BTS)” for the webtoon 7Fates: Chakho, “Left and Right” with Charlie Puth, and “Dreamers,” the official FIFA anthem, as the first Asian artist to do so.

This week, he became the Korean solo artist with the most streams on Spotify. He also reached 700 million streams on the platform faster than any other Korean act.

3. V

V dropped a cover of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” out of the blue on December 24, KST, giving ARMYs the best gift they could get for the holidays.

After the cover was released out of the blue, it was #1 in the Music Videos and Music categories on YouTube for two days in a row.

The cover also topped the New & Hot chart on SoundCloud and the Top 50 Song chart for all types of music.

With that, he kept his record as the Korean act with the most #1 hits on the Soundcloud Global chart.

Fans were worried at first about the members’ solo releases coming out at the same time, but the last week alone shows that each member is more than able to touch hearts with good music in their own way.



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