Netizens Saw a Resemblance Between “Single’s Inferno 2” Male Contestant and Superstar BTS’ Jungkook

Single’s Inferno 2 has recently heated up.

The second season of the popular Korean dating program Single’s Inferno on Netflix recently aired, presenting us to a fresh batch of singles searching for love on the barren island known as “Inferno.”

We first met Kim Jin Young, a new male, as the 10th contender at the conclusion of Episode 3.

He upended the proceedings by entering the men’s game at the end to win a lunch with two women of their choosing, and he astounded everyone (save Shin Seul Ki) by easily defeating his rivals.

Without a doubt, we were all impressed, especially the female cast members, and nearly everyone is looking forward to the chance to get to know him better.

In addition to looking handsome, he also exudes serenity.

The reactions of viewers are identical to those on the show, with the exception that many are drawing comparisons between him and one of the most popular K-Pop idols, BTS‘s maknae Jungkook.

But it’s not just the way he looks. They are not identical twins, but there are numerous similarities between them, including his hairdo and tattooed sleeve.

It’s more the atmosphere in general. Kim Jin Young portrays himself as a shy man in his introduction, but once you get to know him, he is a lot of fun.

Similarly, despite being a well-known introvert, Jungkook enjoys himself.

Additionally, when Kim Jin Young arrived and destroyed his rivals.

That completely reminds us of Jungkook and how he could wrestle with anyone at any ISAC competition (Idol Star Athletics Championships).



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