Hospital Playlist’s Baby Uju is Growing Up So Fast and the Internet is Not Ready

Hospital Playlist” has been one of the most popular K-Drama shows over the past few years.

The show has a lot of famous actors and actresses in it, and it has played with viewers’ feelings by showing friendship, love, heartbreak, and a lot more.

But Uju, who was played by Kim Joon, the son of Lee Ik Jun, really won the hearts of fans (played by Jo Jung Suk).

Whether he was making his dad fall in love with him, talking about his girlfriend, or just being adorable, the character really won everyone’s hearts.

Summer Strike” is one of the newest K-dramas. It stars Im Siwan (also recognized as Im Si Wan) and Seolhyun from the group AOA.

Based on a webtoon, the story follows Lee Yeo Reum (Seolhyun), who decides to quit her job and moves to a small village after getting rejected and losing her mother. Here, she meets the people who live there, like An Dae Beom (Im Siwan).

Kim Joon is one of the stars, and even though it’s only been a year since the last season of Hospital Playlist, netizens are shocked by how much the young actor has changed in his role as Bae Joon.

He will also be in the movie “Switch“, and pictures from a recently held press conference shocked people on the Internet.

Lee Woo Joo looks much taller and more grown up in the pictures than he did in the “Hospital Playlist” episodes.

Many people also said that he was much more confident because he gave hearts to the media with pride.

When the pictures came out, netizens couldn’t believe how much the young actor had changed. Many people still think of him as the cute Uju, but he is growing up so quickly.

It’s not surprising that the young actor has grown and will continue to do so in front of the audience’s eyes. Even so, netizens are still shocked by how much the young star has changed.



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