Netizens Enraged Over Blockberry Creative’s Decision to Dismiss Chuu From LOONA

Chuu has been officially kicked off of LOONA.

On November 25, Chuu‘s label, Blockberry Creative, confirmed that she is no longer a member of LOONA. This came after fans had heard rumors and made guesses about her leaving the girl group.

The label claims that label, Chuu was kicked out of the group because she allegedly “abused her power,” including by saying mean things to staff.

In related news, people thought Chuu might leave LOONA because she supposedly started her own one-man agency at the end of last month.

Netizens commented:

“I can’t believe what this company did.”

“Are they completely insane?”

“No, who heard Chuu say bad things?

“This company is terrible”

“Who believes what that company says?”

“And if you think about what Chuu has been through in the past, it doesn’t matter that she gets mad at the company employees.”

“Can you show me a proof?”

“They are doing everything they can to avoid paying the bills. Again, there are lots of trash companies. I wish they would all fail.”

“Please pay the bills, you worthless scumbags”

“Wow, kicked out.. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

“Wow, those words are so cheap”

“What a trashy company…”

“Wow, look at those words!”

“I can’t really believe it…”

“Why did she leave if she didn’t want to?”

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