Korean netizens are finally noticing NCT as a group full of visuals

Boys who are good-looking and smart!

As a group with no limits on the number of members from all over the world and a concept of rotating subunits, NCT is as different as it gets.

Their music and style are as different as the members themselves, which makes them stand out even more as a unique group. With NCT, you can always expect the unexpected, from hard-hitting electropop to smooth R&B.

As their popularity is rising worldwide, people are beginning to notice their visuals.

On November 23, a post about NCT began trending on Pann with the title, “NCT HAS AN ABUNDANCE OF GOOD-LOOKING BOYS.”

The netizen who posted said, “I prefer another band. I feel they are unfairly criticized. I can quickly think of the following individuals who are both 127 and Dream members: Jaemin, Jaehyun, Taeyong, Jeno, and Jaewoo.”

Netizens are agreeing to what the poster said and rushed to the comment section:

I actually witnessed 127, and once you factor in the body, Jungwoo becomes truly shocking. It was as if Taeyong and Jaehyun were artificially intelligent, looking exactly like they do on screen. They were so damn good-looking. I wish I had a picture of Jungwoo when he isn’t smiling because he is a cold beauty. My first impression of him was of his massive frame.

As far as I’m concerned, Jeno’s just not it.

The picture clarified what they meant by “AI-type” for me.

Although I have no particular preference for Jaemin, I must admit that he is quite attractive.

Though he is handsome

Xiaojun is handsome

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