“This is so ridiculous”, Netizens Say tripleS Unit Group Disbandment Reason Was Unrealistic and Impossible to Achieve

The song “Dimension” by tripleS has been getting a lot of attention for its unique view of the world. The girl group has a total of 24 members, but the fans choose which girls will debut in which sub-unit groups.

There are many idol groups that include various sub-units, but tripleS has a unique system where the unit group can’t keep promoting if they don’t reach a certain goal. For the unit group to keep going, they need to sell at least 100,000 albums.

AAA (Acid Angel from Asia) was the first sub-unit of tripleS. They came out on October 23 as a four-member group. The girls got a lot of attention for different reasons, but their popularity didn’t last long.

After about a month of promoting their album, the girls disbanded for good this month because they didn’t sell enough copies.

The unit group AAA broke up because their first mini-album, “ACCESS,” only sold 18,500 copies.

Netizens said the goal was unrealistic because the girls were from a small to medium-sized agency, and they were sad to see the unit group disbanded.

Netizens said:

“That song was so good…100,000 is the same thing as saying that their unit groups will only be for one promotion.”

“That group of individuals worked so well together, why are they doing this…?”

“They did great, selling more than 18,000 copies.”

“The agency is so strange that it probably makes the people who work there feel stressed.”

“What…? Do they really plan to run the group this way…?”

“They should add another one member to this group and call them BBB lol, I want to see more of Kim Yoo Yeon,”

“This is just so stupid.”

“How will a new band without a core group of fans sell over 100,000 records?”

“Isn’t it good for a new girl group to sell 18,500 albums?”

“I liked their song a lot, so why are they breaking up?”

“It will take a lot of work to come up with a new name for each unit group they make.”

“Is this the start of a strong fan base?”

“I think they want to have an endless amount of unit groups.”

“Will the next group be called BBB? lol”

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