Fans wanted to get rid of the birthday advertisement of Kim Garam and here’s the reason why

Kim Garam was known to be involved in a school bullying case before the debut of LE SSERAFIM.

The issue said that Kim Garam was an “iljin” back when she was in middle school.

Iljin is a name for a student who has a lot of power over her friends through harassment, threats, and even abuse.

The term basically refers to the male or female “queen bees” whose cliques dominate and almost control the whole class and community.

Most of the time, people think that these iljins are school bullies because of how violently they treat their friends.

On November 11, her “fans” paid for an advertisement to celebrate her birthday.

The netizen who posted also dropped the details of the advertisement as the following:

Date: 2022/11/16 (Wed) (Wed)
Time: 6:00~24:00 (will be played 100x that day) (will be played 100x that day)
Gangnam Street, 422 City Building, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

He even took a screenshot of the message of the fans saying, “With the help of Garam fans from outside of Korea, we are running a birthday ad for Garam in Korea. Please come a lot to see it!”

Fans of Kim Garam then rushed to the comment section and said:

Is this a public killing?

I mean, seriously, does she want this?

What the hell, aren’t they going to screw her up right now?

I-roaches are, unsurprisingly, the problem.

Her embarrassment, I’m sure, will only grow.

No, but I’m genuinely interested. She hasn’t promoted in over a month, and was booted out due to her school violence scandal, so how can they still have lasting feelings for an iljin? I could see it if she had promoted for several years, but she hasn’t. How common is that?

What we have here is not very good. I get that you guys want to show your solidarity with her, but doing so will only attract more animosity. The resolution of her scandal has not changed the fact that knets dislike her.

It’s ridiculous how out of touch some ifans are. They can’t possibly be so blind as to think this won’t have an adverse effect, right? Garam

This is completely delusional, regardless of whether or not you find the Garam situation to be fair or justifiable.

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