12 lovely photos of Red Velvet Joy in her gorgeous smile that will surely brighten up your day

Joy is famous for her gorgeous smile!

People say that everyone looks better when they smile, but when these idols lift their lips, they blow everything out of the water.

With smiles as lovely as theirs, you’ll fall in love with them at first sight.

On November 10, a post about Red Velvet Joy’s smile began trending on Pann with the title“, WHY DOES JOY LOOK SO HAPPY?”

The netizen who posted said,“So stunning it’s ridiculous. Surely this can’t be the sun shining on a warm spring day. ..”

Netizens are agreeing to what the poster said and rushed to the comment section and said:

The name “Joy” is perfect for her. She is pure happiness in human form.

A charming smile that spreads happiness to those around you.

Her skin is so delicate.

Journalists must have enjoyed taking pictures of her, she is so beautiful.

Way too pretty

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