Netizens aren’t shocked that IVE’s Wonyoung didn’t take the SATs but can’t believe she’s already an adult soon

IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung has become a hot topic because she will join the other idols who chose not to take their SATs.

On November 8, Starship Entertainment told News1 that Jang Wonyoung wouldn’t take the exam in 2023. Starship Entertainment was ready to change her schedule so she could take the test.

But after thinking about it for a long time, she chose not to because she wanted to focus on her career as an artist.

Jang Wonyoung and another member, Ahn Yujin, have both decided not to take the SATs. Ahn Yujin said about a year ago that she was going to focus on her career instead of taking the exam.

Many people agreed with the decision and said she could always take the GED tests later if she wanted to.

Fans were not at all shocked by the news. Instead, they were more surprised that she would soon be considered an adult.

Netizens commented:

“Will she be an adult by next year? Why does she still look like a middle school student? Is it because I saw her on Produce48?”

“I really don’t think it’s important for female celebrities to go to college”

“Is Wonyoung now an adult?”

“When did Wonyoung start high school? In my mind, she is still in elementary school”

“Time moves so fast… Wonyoung is about to become an adult as well”

“Next year, Wonyoung will be 20 years old. From my point of view, she’s still a kid”

“She has a lot going on, so I don’t think she has time to study”

“She doesn’t have to take the SAT now because her path is clear”

“She doesn’t really need it, to be honest”

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