“YG wasted their talents”, Fans support Bang Yedam and Mashiho’s decision to leave TREASURE

Bang Yedam and Mashiho has become a hot topic after the shocking news that YG Entertainment’s TREASURE would be moving forward without them.

On November 8, YG Entertainment told fans in a statement that the two members would not be continuing with the group.

Many fans were surprised by the news, even though it had already been said that Bang Yedam and Mashiho would be leaving TREASURE promotions.

Many netizens were shocked by the news, but some said that the member change could be good for everyone. In particular, they said that Bang Yedam should have started out as a solo artist.

Netizens commented:

“I don’t know anything else, but I know that Bang Ye Dam doesn’t fit in that group”.

“I feel sad for Bang Ye Dam. He should have gone to another company”

“I like all of the members of TREASURE, but I think Bang Ye Dam would do better as a solo artist. I hope things go well.”

“Don’t they both have a lot of fans?”

“I hope that both TREASURE and they will do even better”

Bang Ye Dam will do well no matter what he does. I hope Mashiho gets well soon”

Bang Ye Dam seems to work better as a solo + production song”

“It’s too bad that Bang Ye Dam wasted his talent by going to YG

“Other than Bang Ye Dam, I don’t know the other members”

Bang Ye Dam will probably keep working as a producer, in my opinion

“I only know of Bang Ye Dam

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