Netizens discuss how STRAY KIDS seem to have no single “handsome member” in their group

Netizens talked about how STRAY KIDS doesn’t seem to have a single “handsome member“.

On July 13, a netizen wrote a post on an online community forum called “IS THERE ANYONE HANDSOME IN STRAY KIDS?“.

Here, a netizen put up photos of the members of STRAY KIDS . All eight of the members showed off their good looks and unique charms.

The netizen went on to say, “In other groups, there is one member whose looks and body make it clear that he or she is the ‘head turner’. The problem with this group is that there is no obvious “handsome” member. I mean all of them have great looks, but…“.

In response, some netizens commented:

All of them are handsome in their own ways, in my opinion. Even though they are not a “visual” group, I find quite a few of them to be attractive.

They might not be what most KPOP fans would call “good-looking,” but I think they look great as a group. Every group has its own color.

I find Bang Chan very handsome, but STAYS probably think about the dance line.

Lee Know is definitely top tier <3.

I’m not a fan, but I think Hyunjin is the most beautiful. When I see him on my timeline, I’m always amazed by what I see.

Wow, Felix looks a lot like a young Leonardo Dicaprio.

Not a “STAY” but I don’t think any of them are unattractive. Felix is really pretty and Lee Know is handsome… Han is personally my style but he’s a bit more unconventional.

I actually think their all good looking.

I believe I.N is a VERY underrated visual

What are your thoughts?



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