Netizens say Kim Yoo Jung’s “awful” dress at the “20th Century Girl” press conference was saved by her beautiful face

Kim Yoo Jung recently went to a press conference for Netflix‘s “20th Century Girl,” but many fans were confused by what she was wearing.

Since she was young, Kim Yoo Jung has been known for the way she looks. Even people who aren’t fans of hers often compliment her acting skills and good looks. Even if an actor is very pretty, a bad outfit can sometimes make them look strange, even if they are very pretty.

Kim Yoo Jung got a lot of attention when she wore purple, which was her name in the drama “Na Bora.” Kim Yoo Jung wore a purple coat and purple socks that matched, giving her a unique and elegant look.

Some fans were upset with the stylist for her outfit, while others praised Kim Yoo Jung for being able to pull off the strange look. But there were also people who couldn’t stop making jokes about her outfit.

On October 20, a post about Kim Yoo Jung began trending on Nate‘s community board under the title, “I REALIZED THAT KIM YOOJUNG IS SERIOUSLY REALLY PRETTY“.

The netizen who wrote the post stated, “Even when she wears these clothes, she has a beautiful face, so the outfit doesn’t look weird at all. ㄷㄷ Seriously, this is written all over her face“.

Other netizens quickly responded and shared their opinions:

Even in this Park Geun Hye outfit, she looks pretty.

I don’t know why, but this is my favorite picture. She looked much better in the other pictures, but there’s something about her here.

Kim Yoo Jung is the best example of how things can get better despite wearing an awful dress. She has always been pretty, even when she was young.

This is photo went viral on Twitter recently because her facial features are crazy.

Kim Yoo Jung is impressive because she made her debut in 2003 and no one has ever talked about her looks in 20 years because she grew up so pretty.

No, I’m not kidding. Isn’t Kim Yoo Jung the most beautiful person right now? I saw her “20th Century Girl” trailer out of the blue and thought she was pretty as hell.

If you saw her whole outfit, you’d be shocked at how bad it was… You should only look at Kim Yoo Jung‘s zoomed-in face shots.

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