T-ara Hyomin Gets Teary-Eyed While Reading A Message Of A Fan

Hyomin revealed the content of the touching message she received from her fans.

On the afternoon of October 12th, Hyomin, a former member of the group T-ara, posted a picture along with the words “Congratulations ♥” through her personal account.

The published post contains a direct message from Hyomin as a fan.

The fan said to Hyomin, “Hello unni!! First of all, I have some news I want to share with you, so I’m sending you a DM after a long time!” She said and opened the water.

She continued, “I feel really grateful that I could like my sister from the time I entered elementary school to the beginning of employment. ”

Finally, she touched the hearts of those who watched with the comment, “Someday, even though I am small to my sister, I want to remain a supportive fan.”

Meanwhile, Hyomin debuted as a member of the girl group T-ara in 2009 and released his solo album in 2014. 

She is currently active on her YouTube channel. 

In addition, Hyomin gathered topics by appearing on the JTBC entertainment program ‘Famous Singers-Battle Again’.



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