Netizens impressed with Han So Hee’s unchanging visuals and wonder if she’s a vampire

Han So Hee recently put up a bunch of photos from her recent trip to Paris, France.

In the photos, Han So Hee shows off her beautiful looks, which haven’t changed over time. Han So Hee has beautiful black hair, a black slip dress, and dark makeup, so when she looks straight into the camera, her fans can’t take their eyes off of her.

Han So Hee‘s photos were shared in an online community where netizens got together to talk about how young she still looks.

Netizens wanted to know how she kept her looks so good, and some wondered if she was a vampire.

Netizens who saw this did not spare their praise for her special charm and beauty, such as:

Wow, she’s so beautiful in the first one.

She’s a vampire queen.

She looks so much like a Slytherin, it’s crazy…

Wow, she makes a big impression.

Wow, she was already thin, but she’s lost a lot of weight.

Really, too beautiful…

Is she like a vampire?

Her face looks so sure of itself… She’s beautiful…

Wow, her face is so small, this unnie looks like she is 180cm.

Who is the last person on the right? Naomi Campbell..? Right? Yes, it was the famous model…

Meanwhile, Han So Hee is expected to appear in the Netflix original “Gyeongseong Creature“.



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