Netizens think Chaewon’s visuals have gone through a drastic change after joining LE SSERAFIM

Has LE SSERAFIM member Chaewon‘s appearance gone through a drastic change in recent times?

On an online community forum, a netizen posted a series of photos of Chaewon that showed the difference between how she looked when she was in IZ*ONE and how she looks now.

Netizens say that Chaewon’s looks have changed over time because of her short, black hair.

The person who put up the post said, “What they mean is that she looked so different that it seemed like she had started a new life. From being so sparkly, she became a hipster idol“.

In her most recent photos, it looks like her short, black hair is much thicker than it used to be. This gives her a more bold, chic, and sexy vibe.

When Kim Chaewon’s teasers came out, a lot of her fans in Korea were confused. This is because a sexy idea makes Kim Chaewon look totally different than she did before.

When she was in IZ*ONE, she was known for being cute, refreshing, and having a fairytale-like charm.

Some fans are shocked to see Kim Chaewon wearing revealing clothes like a tube top and fishnet stockings, showing off her legs in a short dress, and posing in a sexy way. This side of her was never seen when she was in IZ*ONE.

Which style on Chaewon do you love more? Some netizen comments include:

She’s too beautiful.

When I first saw her LE SSERAFIM teasers, I thought, “Why on earth…?” but now I see that she fits the role much better. But when I saw the first episode of LE SSERAFIM‘s documentary and saw her with long hair, I was shocked at how innocent she looked.

She makes a strong impression now, and you can’t help but look at her.

She looked good before, but now she looks like who she really is.

She looked good with her bob hair, but black hair looks better on her.

She was always pretty, but before she looked a lot more ordinary.

Both of them are so pretty. Her shoulders and bone structure are so pretty.

She was more beautiful before, but I like her more now.

Now, she stands out so much more that I’m surprised.

But if you watch what they post, she is still the same person. Even though the ideas and photo videos are much better now, you can still see the old her by watching their content.

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