Netizens Have Mixed Reaction Over Kim Yoo Jung’s Arm Tattoo

Kim Yoo Jung has become a hot topic because of the hate comments she received on some of her solo photos that exposed her tattoos.

On October 7, a critical post about Kim Yoo Jung began trending on theqoo‘ community board under the title, “ACTRESS KIM YOOJUNG’S TATTOO“.

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

It looks like she won’t be able to play sageuks anymore.

> She’s already done sageuks, and since sageuk costumes have long sleeves, you won’t be able to see her tattoo anyway.

I want to know what it says.

She’s already a good actress, so I don’t think anyone would care if she got another role.

Yoojung- I also want to see your tattoo. We can’t see it very well, so I’m interested.

 It’s pretty though

It isn’t very big, so It’s kind of cute

She’s an actress, though…

What is it saying? …. I’m curious…

Seems like even actresses are getting tattoos nowadays

I can’t see it at all…

What are your thoughts on the poss?



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